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Happy Woman


I am ridiculously excited (and a wee bit nervous) to announce that my book, "You Are Wanted, Reclaiming the Truth of Who You Are" is ready for print! It's been an amazing journey, and it's time to launch! But I can't do it alone...

I need other women who have a heart for the brokenhearted to help get this book out there. I have 40 spaces open on my Launch Team. If you are a person who gets excited about helping others, I would love to work with you over the next few months to get this book into the right hands. 



Three of Nicole Langmans books "You are Wanted" stacked on top of each other.

The Goal of the Launch Team is to help build momentum and awareness of the upcoming release and to help get the book into as many hands as possible. My book is meant to provide hope and healing through therapeutic and faith based strategies for women who have felt abandoned, rejected, and unwanted. 


Here is what I am asking the Launch Team Members to do:


1. Download my ebook 'Rejection Recovery Resource Kit' on Amazon or Kindle and write a review. Please note - this little resource kit is only a 'teaser' for the main book that is being released in a few months. It has some quick and easy strategies to help navigate rejections, but it is not the full manuscript. 


2. Sign up for the Launch Team Facebook Group and tune in regularly. I will be doing FB lives, as well as giveaways. 


3. Read the Advanced Readers Copy of my manuscript (You Are Wanted: Reclaiming the Truth of Who You Are), and find 5-10 of your favorite one-liners. These will be used for graphics for social media. 


** Amazon reviews are critical. As you read the ARC please start to formulate your review for the release date. 


4. Once or twice a week I will post something on my FB page. The Launch Team will then share and promote the graphics on their own sites. 


5. When the book is launched (tentative release date is November 4th), you will purchase a copy. Amazon only likes reviews from verified purchasers, so once you've purchased the book, you can then write your review (the one you wrote after reading the ARC). 


6. Continue to promote information about the book as a way to continue to generate readers. 


And thats it! If you're still interested, please just go ahead and sign up. 


This is a team venture, and I am so grateful you are considering joining the team.

Coffee with Friends

Refreshingly authentic and emotionally intelligent, Nicole Langman’s resource book reads like the voice of an old friend, carefully navigating someone out of the valley of rejection, into the wide embrace of God’s love and acceptance. It’s an easy read, and a powerful tool that offers therapeutic strategies and insights to help support growth and healing.

Dr. Paul Turner, Worship Pastor—Emmanuel Baptist Church

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