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Anticipation is An Action Word

This might sound weird, but I love to be next. It's a position full of anticipation! I used to think anticipation simply meant a state of expectancy - awaiting something that is about to happen.

But with a closer look, I found that anticipation is actually more of an action word.

Take for example my Starbucks drive-through scenario last week. There were three cars ahead of me, and as I waited I let myself day dream. I noticed the new leaves blooming on the trees, I picked some gunge off my steering wheel, and I changed my air freshener.

The car ahead of me placed their order and pulled up to the window, and like a kid in the candy store I scooted into position ready to hear the cheery voice on the intercom welcome me to my day.

And this is where things went sideways - she welcomed me, and then ... she asked me what I wanted.

Like a deer in the headlights I was lost for words. I know this drill. I know my order. And what transpired was a messy verbal scavenger hunt for this poor barista. I was literally pantomiming my order to the microphone.

She assessed the situation, and then called me forward to chat it out. But it only gets worse at the window. I had put my car in park (don't ask), so I revved the heck out of it before it dawned on me to put it in drive. Then I couldn't find my phone and then when I did, I couldn't open it because of my mask.... UGH....

While I was passively anticipating Starbucks, I was not actively anticipating it. And this passive experience left me fumbling when it was time to act.

As a Christian I don't want to be caught in park, scraping gunge off my steering wheel when God calls me to move.

His plans are awesome! I know this. And while I anticipate His next steps for me, I want to be ready.

To anticipate means that I align myself with Jesus and position myself for His purpose. To anticipate means I suit up, ready myself, and get myself in the right gear - so when He says go, I go.

I think of David, the small boy with one stone running towards Goliath. He anticipated a victory, and he acted in obedience, trusting God to do His part. David was ready. His anticipation had him on his toes, eager to jump at the chance to partner with God in one of the greatest stories of the Bible.

Let's not miss our chance because we're not active in our anticipation.

As you head into this next season, it is my prayer that you find yourself ready and suited up - God loves to surprise His kids with awesomeness. Let's be on our toes.

God bless you this month,

Love, Nicole

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