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What I Thought Was Too Messy, God Used For Good

One day, not too long ago, when I was still very sore from the blindside and still unsure of God’s good plan - He asked me to write a book.

He asked me to write a book about rejection and betrayal. And a book about redemption.

He asked me to write from my scars.

A book that would accompany women through the blindsides, betrayals and rejections that they didn’t deserve - and remind them of the Truth.

I’m embarrassed to tell you that I was scared. I really didn’t want to be that vulnerable.

As therapists, we’re trained up to maintain a professional distance. We’re not supposed to be broken - at least our clients shouldn’t know about it if we are.

But God doesn’t ask us to ascribe to our professional codes over His code.

Our pain holds purpose. The jagged edges and broken bits are all pieces He wants to use.

Therapist or not, I needed to show and tell.

And so I wrote the book. It took about a year. Some days I sobbed as I wrote. Other days I laughed out loud at the beauty for ashes reality of it all.

And on every day I prayed. I prayed for the reader and her face down pain infused struggle. I prayed for healing. I prayed for this book to land on the lap of the woman who needs to know she’s not alone.

Who needs to know she is not rejectable. Not replaceable.

And in a few weeks it turns 1 Year Old!

One year ago this book baby was launched into the world! I still can’t believe it sometimes!

The feedback and words from readers have been more than I could ever have imagined!

Women who are still face down in that valley have reached out to let me know this book matters. It’s helped them.

Because that’s how God works, isn’t it?

He links us together in the valley. And for those of us who have trekked through it already - we get to help those still there.

And what a gift that is! I am humbled and blessed by the opportunity to hold a story that helps others.

And on the One Year Birthday I plan to celebrate!

So, expect some fun Birthday Celebrations coming up. I’ve got some swag and goodies and some opportunities to win fun stuff! Stay tuned.

Oh, and if you’ve read my book, would you mind leaving an honest review on Amazon? It helps keep things fresh in the system and makes it easier to find for other women who need it.

And if you’ve left a review or contacted me directly - thank you! I am still in shock sometimes when I read your words of support. I am blessed and beyond grateful to journey with you.

Stay tuned!

Love, Nicole

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