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We’re in this together. And I’d never suggest things I haven’t done myself. If you’re here, you’re looking for tools and support to help you navigate a difficult season of your life. Check back here from time to time for updated therapeutic tools and downloads that have proven track records to help you heal and grow.




healthy boundaries

Healthy Boundaries Workshop

This is a 5 week course to help you build, enforce, and maintain assertive, healthy boundaries. Download your weekly workbook and tune in to my weekly videos for lots of extra tidbits along the way.

Rejection Recovery ebook

Rejection Recovery Resource Kit E-Book

From the snub of an acquaintance to abandonment by someone sworn to love us, our human experience is full of big and small rejections.

Rejection points a spotlight on our deepest sense of inadequacy, and leaves us shrinking back in fear - fear that maybe we really are unloveable, inadequate, undeserving, or ___you fill in the blank_________.

But, that's not what God says about us. He is in passionate pursuit of His kids, reminding us constantly of His profound acceptance and love. He simply can’t get enough of us. And if that’s true, the rejection story can’t also be true.

My Rejection Recovery Resource Kit is a quick reference guide to help get your feet on the ground after an experience with rejection. Whether a big or small rejection, you will find these tools helpful to navigate through.

24 Days of Kindness

24 Days of Kindness

Spread kindness this Christmas season. I've created a 24 Days of Kindness Calendar to inspire you to perform a kind act each day for the month of December. Download the PDF in link below, or follow along on our online calendar. 

  1. Change it up. Get up and read, listen to music, play a game, write in your journal.

  2. Thought block. Decide to stop spinning and interject with thoughts that bring joy.

  3. Be creative. Dance, sing, paint, colour, write a poem. Do something to use that creative side of your brain.




Hand holding paintbrushes

Three Anxiety Hacks to help you sleep:

Be Creative
Thought Bubble
Automatic Thoughts

​In so many ways our thoughts control how we feel about ourselves and the world we live in. So it makes sense that positive thoughts lead to positive feelings, while negative thoughts lead to negative feelings. These quick thoughts are called automatic thoughts. 

Download this worksheet to help you transform your automatic thoughts into more positive thoughts. 



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