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Award-winning author, Christian women's speaker & Clinical Counsellor 

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Nicole's relatable, enthusiastic style, coupled with her sense of humour and years of professional counselling experience - brings a unique and refreshing, hope-filled message to your event.


Available for women’s groups and retreats, as well as corporate events, her speaking brings an enthusiastic and relatable message that will leave participants feeling encouraged, educated and excited. 


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Counselling is an act of courage. It is an important and hope-filled step towards healing and returning to or becoming the person you were meant to be.


I'm passionate about walking alongside women as they travel difficult valleys, helping them heal from their hurts, remember who they are, and to point them toward Jesus for renewed hope and peace.


You Are Wanted - Reclaiming the Truth of Who You Are

tablet mockup of Nicole Langmans book, "You are wanted", as well as hardcover book of the same.

I am excited to let you know that my new book, You Are Wanted - Reclaiming the Truth of Who You Are is available on Amazon!

This book is for every woman who has ever felt rejected, abandoned, or betrayed. It's a powerful blend of real life stories, therapeutic strategies, and biblical truths to help you through your painful season of loss and remind you that you are never alone in the valley.

Oasis Award

“This book is a masterpiece!  You are Wanted will captivate your heart, equip you to recover from brokenness, and prepare you to help others. Nicole Langman has poured years of professional training and personal experience into this epic manuscript.  She blends therapeutic information, biblical applications, powerful illustrations, and extraordinary take-aways within each chapter. You’ll want to purchase one copy for yourself and several more to give to women who need the hope and help this book offers.”

–Carol Kent, Speaker and Author of He Holds My Hand:  Experiencing God’s Presence and Protection (Tyndale)

Audio Book Available Now!

You are Wanted a 7-Day plan with YouVersion Bible App

Read the You Are Wanted 7-Day Devotional Plan on YouVersion!

I am delighted and so honoured to have my Devotion published in the YouVersion Bible App. If you've ever experienced rejection or betrayal, check out my 7-Day plan here. It's a deep dive into the truth about who God says you are and an important step towards healing from the pain of rejection and betrayal. 

YouVersion Grieving Our Hard Stories-01.jpg

Read the Grieving our Hard Stories Devotional Plan on YouVersion!

Grief is not an experience reserved for death. It's a human response to loss, endings, and unwanted goodbyes. Our hard stories are grief-worthy, but many of us don't let ourselves grieve because our loss doesn't fit into the typical grief box. This plan showcases women of the Bible who held hard stories and found hope and healing when they put their trust in the God Who sees.

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