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Counselling is an act of courage. It is an important and hopefilled step towards healing and returning to or becoming the person you were meant to be.


I'm passionate about walking alongside women as they travel difficult valleys, helping them heal from their hurts, remember who they are, and to point them towards Jesus for renewed hope and peace.


Nicole Langman
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My message is simple, Jesus adores and celebrates us, in spite of our messiness, mistakes, and mishaps. Our mess does not make us undesirable or unusable to God. It’s in the messiness and the deep valleys that God can show us His indescribable love, provide comfort and healing, and empower us to use our pain-points to help others. 


Available for women’s groups and retreats, as well as corporate events, my speaking brings an enthusiastic and relatable message that will leave participants feeling encouraged, educated and excited.


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Get your FREE copy of my e-book,

Rejection Recovery Resource Kit!

From the snub of an acquaintance to abandonment by someone sworn to love us, our human experience is full of big and small rejections.

Rejection points a spotlight on our deepest sense of inadequacy, and leaves us shrinking back in fear - fear that maybe we really are unloveable, inadequate, undeserving, or ___you fill in the blank_________.

But, that's not what God says about us. He is in passionate pursuit of His kids, reminding us constantly of His profound acceptance and love. He simply can’t get enough of us. And if that’s true, the rejection story can’t also be true.

My Rejection Recovery Resource Kit is a quick reference guide to help get your feet on the ground after an experience with rejection. Whether a big or small rejection, you will find these tools helpful to navigate through.

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My journey, just like yours, is a colourful collection of face plants and struggles.


This is a collection of the messy bits and pieces, the jagged edges and the real life struggles that make us all human.