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Fit To Be Tied

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Fit to be tied, he was. At almost two years old, he was done. Disney World was in the rear view mirror and he was unimpressed with the lengthy airport security lineup. There he sat in his front facing stroller, looking at the back-sides of strangers. We all heard his complaints. At first, this tyke behind us whimpered just enough to capture sympathy from strangers. And then, with an enthusiastic burst of angry energy, he declared his discontentment with fury. He began to twist and flail in his stroller - red faced and sweating, our little neighbour was not ok. His parents were unphased. This wasn’t new behaviour, it seemed. They’d witnessed the zero to sixty climb of their little guy before and as they chatted away with their other three kids, I watched as his Daddy reached over and placed his hand gently on his son's chest. His voice was kind and firm as he whispered, “It’s ok, buddy.” Magic. Suddenly, this overwhelmed, increasingly upset little boy was calmed. Mid screech - with the touch of his Fathers hand, everything was better. He grabbed ahold of his Daddy’s fingers with both hands, repositioned himself in his stroller and relaxed. Was he still tired? Yes. Was he still wanting out of his stroller? I’m sure. Did he still find the view unpleasant and overwhelming? Count on it! But his Daddy heard his cries and stepped in. With one gentle hand on his son, the fear settled. See, his Daddy had the bigger picture. He knew everything would be ok because his vantage point was different. Daddy knew what he was doing. I stood watching my kindred spirit - that sniffling little boy in the stroller. I saw myself in him. I’ve been in full on freak outs - looking into a sea of uncertainty, wondering if I’m going to get through. Tired of the journey. Needing to be reminded I’m not alone. And just like this Dad at the airport, my Heavenly Father has reached into my storm and reminded me it would be ok. Sometimes I don’t know what “ok” will look like. But like my little neighbour at the airport, as long as my Father is close by, I can be at peace. His vantage point is different than mine. And while He doesn’t always explain Himself, or show us the route or reason, His lack of explanation doesn’t make Him less trustworthy. It’s a choice - trust. So when things go sideways we can lean into the arms of our Father and trust Him when He says it’s ok. He sees the big picture. And He never leaves us to travel alone. We’re in very good hands - you and I.

Love, Nicole Is. 43:5a “Fear not, for I am with you.”

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