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Boundaries Quiz 101
Do you struggle to say no?
Do you find yourself people-pleasing?
Do you over share or live your life like an open book?
Do you feel like people take advantage of you?
Do you suffer from anxiety and guilt ?
Do you find yourself the victim in situations?
Do you find decision making a challenge?
Do you fear letting others down ?
Do you tend to end up in relationships that are difficult or dramatic?
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If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you will benefit from a Boundaries Tuneup. 


But, you are not alone. Eighty percent of women report a lack of boundaries in their lives. 


Boundaries are essential for wellness. They are invisible lines we draw to determine what is ok and not ok in our lives. 


There’s a lot to learn! And You are in the right place!


I’ve created a 5 week Boundaries course just for you. 


Here you’ll learn the Boundary basics to help you feel more empowered and more joy in your life.


Click here to sign up and the Boundary material will be sent directly to your email weekly. 


I’m excited for you! This is a great step towards improved mental health and wellness. 

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