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New Paths Hold New Purpose

I’d never been down that path before.

This morning on my daily walk with Sadie, I turned left instead of turning right.

At first it felt like an adventure. Walking deeper into the forest, I noticed things that seemed unique to this particular path.

The moss seemed to grow thicker - more untamed. There was a quietness that seemed - I don’t know - quieter.

Somehow this new path felt even more special than the others. The beauty of it struck me, and I as I made my way I noticed I was smiling.

This place was enchanting.

But as the path narrowed and the trees leaned in closer, I started to think I’d made a mistake.

“I don’t know where I am,” I said out loud.

Sadie, by the way, is no help whatsoever in these situations. As she chased birds and found sticks, I felt the anxiety start to rise.

But somewhere inside I felt a need to just wait. Just sit and wait.

Climbing onto a fallen tree, I looked around.

I just let myself notice.

And then I listened. I listened deep. I listened for the sounds of the forest.

And I listened for the sound of my Father’s voice.

This morning, on this off track detour - lost in the forest - God reminded me that this is what He does.

He takes us off the familiar path.

He asks us to turn left instead of right.

I wondered this morning, as I made my way, if I’d know my way back.

I wondered if this was actually the wrong turn for me.

And I guess that’s what I’ve worried about in my life too.

And maybe you can relate.

What if it’s the wrong turn? What if we don’t know how to get back to the familiar.

And this morning, as I looked around at my new path, the words landed on my heart - new paths hold new purpose.

“I’m doing a new thing! “ God says.

“The old has gone. The new has come.”

And, as I heard my Father’s voice in my heart, I was reminded that what might feel new to me - is not at all new to Him.

He knows the way.

He’s blazed the trail.

If He’s in it, we don’t need to worry about any of the things we’re prone to worry about.

Maybe God has you on a new path. Maybe today as you read this, you’re deep in the forest wondering if you’ve taken a wrong turn. Or maybe you’re missing the familiar and thinking that this detour is more than you can handle.

Can I remind you this morning, any detour with God is an adventure we don’t want to miss.

Any side path He leads us down is exactly the place we want to go.

He does not abandon us en route.

Gods perfect timing and His perfect plans are always in play. He knows. This isn’t a side path for Him.

It’s the planned path.

Listen deep. Stop for a moment and listen deep. He has so much to teach on the paths He has planned for us.

And as you follow Him down unknown paths, may you rest confidently in the Truth that His New Thing is so so much better than the familiar.

You’ll be happy to know, I did indeed find my way out of the forest today.

But tomorrow, I’m going to turn left again. God has things to teach me off the beaten path. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss a thing.

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