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Wander Less Wonder More

Wander Less, Wonder More.

I was surprised to find myself in the men’s footwear section, holding a size 11 loafer. With no need for new men’s shoes, what was I doing there? I had been mindlessly wandering through Home Sense, and here I was, totally off the path I had planned. Had it been five minutes or an hour? I had no idea. Looking in my buggy, I noticed a collection of bright coloured objects; some I needed and some I didn’t.

Aimless, mindless wandering. It can be problematic for sure. This isn’t unfamiliar to me, I’ve done some of this aimless wandering in seasons of my life, no real direction or focus. The Israelites did it for 40 years, and maybe you have too. Sometimes we wander out of fear or lack of direction. And sometimes we wander because we can’t picture a different, more intentional life. For whatever reason we wander, it can cause us to develop a less than pleasing attitude, and collect quirks and luggage that are not part of God's best plan. I’ve been there too. I understand the wandering. And I definitely understand the accumulation of luggage.

Wandering leaves God waiting.

When we leave God waiting while we wander, time passes without living out the purpose He has for us. Does God allow us to wander for awhile sometimes? Sure, when there’s lessons to be learned. But more often that not, He’s sitting on the sidelines waiting for us to turn to Him and wonder what He has in store for us.

You and I are here on purpose for a purpose.

Like the Israelites, we are rescued from something and for something. When we keep our eyes on God for direction, we give Him the chance to show us what He has for us. He gets to show us His plans. Instead of asking why, let’s practice asking, I wonder what you’re up to now , God?

Let’s be curious kids, aware that our Father has incredible things ahead. He needs us to keep our eyes fixed on Him, follow with intention, and not accumulate unneeded luggage on the journey.

When our aimless wandering ends and the curious wondering begins, it frees God to lead us to where He wants us, show us His plans, and be in close relationship with us again. This means no more unnecessary things in our buggy and all the goodness of being in sinc with our Leader. I can’t think of anything better than that.

1 Corinthians 9:26

“So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadow boxing.” (NLT)

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