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I’m Nicole and I’m so glad you’ve found

She Belongs.

I dedicate this site to you, the woman who has travelled difficult roads, and at times wondered where she belongs. I stand with you as a fellow wonderer, and look forward to journeying with you.

In case no one has told you recently, you are chosen, adored, and wholeheartedly celebrated by Jesus. And, my friend, please know this; regardless of your life choices, your path to get here, the harmful things said or done to you, the dreams you still hold, and the ones you have had to let go of, you absolutely belong here. And more than that, you belong with Jesus. He has saved you a seat, and He loves your company.


When we belong to Jesus, two amazing things are true:


1.We have God's favour. And to have His favour means He looks on us with love, acceptance, and excitement. God actually smiles when He sees you. Think on this for a moment. 

2.Our belonging to God comes with both a blessing and a challenge. We are children of The King, The Creator of the Universe. He has called us His own and we get to enjoy all of the blessings of that membership. And, we also have the challenge of a higher calling. Having membership or belonging to any club or association comes with some sort of responsibility. This is true with God too. We have a responsibility to live out His calling on our lives. What exactly does that mean? Well, its my hope that you find some understanding of your calling here in these pages. 

Nicole Langman ; with her floral tattoo on her shoulder showing, her long blonde hair and her very friendly smile.
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text image reads " you are deeply loved. You are enthusiastically celebrated.  Your sense of humour, gifts, strengths, quirks, and idiosyncrasies are all unique and make our Heavenly Father smile.  god loves your company, and can't get enough of you.  God has a great plan and purpose for you.  There is nothing you have done, and nothing done to you, that God cannot redeem.

Lets decide together to interrupt the harmful tapes we have on repeat in our heads that tell us otherwise, and believe the message of Jesus; we are highly favoured, He has great things in store for us, and we absolutely belong with Him. 



I wish I could sit down over a cup of coffee, or tea, hear your story and tell you all the things I believe to be true of you. So, in the meantime, please remember some important things that I have learned during my very difficult days of wondering;


My own journey has at times left me in deep valleys where I wondered about this message of belonging. Not too long ago, tremendous grief, anxiety, and shame crept in and blindsided my family. In this season of pain, I wrestled hard with a change in identity and being part of something I had loved for many years. This loss of belonging brought significant changes in friendships, and routines that had been part of my every day for decades. I didn’t know where I fit anymore, and my broken heart needed to know that I did indeed belong somewhere. 


In His mercy and kindness, Jesus heard the cries of my heart, and reached into my shattered world with these words, 


You belong with Me.


You belong with Me.


I sat in awe at the thought of it; I belong with Jesus. It was almost too much to comprehend, but it was these words that held me through the many months of healing that followed those initial days of wondering. When I wondered if my daughter and I would be ok, I remembered Who stood with me. When I wondered how I would ever trust again, or heal, I refocused my attention to the One Who can be trusted;  The ultimate Healer. And when I wondered where I belonged now that everything was different, He patiently and lovingly reminded me that I belonged with Him. 


When we fully understand Who loves us, Who looks fondly on us, and Who we truly belong to, everything else fades away. 


So, we are in this together, you and I. I’m standing with you as we keep our eyes on Jesus, focused on His truth about us, and reclaiming the promise that we have a place with Him. We do indeed belong. 

I am excited and blessed that you are here and so grateful we have found each other. 

Blessings, Nicole


Nicole Langman - chosen, adored, celebra
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She Belongs is a bold stand against the harmful voices in our heads that tell us we are not enough, not loveable, not useful, and not acceptable. Rooted in the promises we find throughout scripture, we can lean hard on the fact that we are fully seen and unconditionally accepted by Jesus.


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