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Embracing Your Unique Purpose

She was bold, and at 21 years of age she stood in front of her university communications class with a blender and a toaster – and taught us all an important lesson on purpose.

“The toaster," she said, thrusting the silver appliance into the air in one hand “is made to toast. It doesn’t sit beside the blender and long to blend.

If I put strawberries in the toaster, expecting it to produce a fruit smoothie, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Toasters are made with the intended purpose of producing toast. That’s how the creator of the toaster wanted it. I don't believe the toaster wishes for a second it could blend. I think it just toasts - knowing that's what it's created for."

She had us in awe of her conviction as she demonstrated this messy and important point - throwing fruit in a toaster, adding some yogurt for good measure and popping down the button.

It did seem ridiculous. And things didn’t end well. No one was surprised when the toaster did not produce a fruit smoothie, or toast for that matter.

But then she made her point - God has a unique purpose for each of us. He created us on purpose, for a purpose.

Our skills and passions are unique to us - because God designed us that way.

Our personality, our know-how, our experiences are handed to us and allowed in our lives because our Creator needed us to be equipped for the special assignments He is calling us to.

We don't need to compare or compete.

We can let go of measuring ourselves up against anyone else. We can stop trying to be something we weren't created to be.

It's just a matter of locking eyes with our Creator and agreeing to move forward in His purpose for us.

He has a personalized plan for each of us. And in every way He is equipping and calling us to be the uniquely created messengers for Him.

Many blessings to you this month as you continue to pursue and enjoy God's unique purpose for you.

Love, Nicole

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