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It’s a Very Good Friday

There was a time in my life I didn’t really get it. If I’m honest, I didn’t even try.

But a few years ago when my life fell apart and everything I thought was true, was not - this man Jesus showed up in the most powerful ways.

He’d always been there. But for years I had ignored His voice and let Him hover in the background. I don’t know why.

Maybe fear.

Maybe pride.

Maybe I was too caught up in my life to see that what I really needed was this Man.

He didn’t walk away though.

Just because I did , doesn’t mean He would.

He sticks close by. And He never leaves us.

I love that about Him.

And when things went so sideways I could barely breathe, He grabbed ahold of me, dusted me off and brought me through.

And when I felt unseen, and forgotten - He reminded me I was chosen, Loved and wanted.

So wanted, in fact, that He left His home and endured more pain than I can understand, just to be with me.

Just to have a relationship with me.

I needed Him to do that. And I get it now. In some small way, I get it.

He pursues and He saves. And in every way, Good Friday means we don’t have to face this life alone.

We don’t have to struggle through the pain alone.

And we don’t have to wonder about life after death. Because He took care of that - on the cross and then three days later, when He conquered death.

Today my heart is sore for the pain endured by this Man I love and appreciate so much. I hate what they did to Him back then, and I hate what I did to Him. It’s my sin that held Him there on that cross.

But I am so grateful He didn’t step away from the mission. He just loves us too much to do anything else but give His life.

If you know this Man, you know what I mean here. This day is painfully significant and we are changed because of His love.

Thank you Jesus.

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