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Jesus and Mary and the Truth That Sets Us Free

I can’t stop thinking about the garden that day.

The borrowed tomb - empty.

The angels waiting to explain.

The confusion mixed with hope in the hearts of the ones who came.

And then there’s Marry Magdalene - heartbroken, arriving to care for her buried Saviour - only to find Him missing.

But, Jesus wasn’t missing.

He was waiting.

He was waiting for HER.

Waiting for a woman with a tragic and broken past. A woman who others had abandoned and misunderstood. A woman who had been rejected and abused. A woman who carried unbearable shame - until she met Jesus.

He waited for her.

The message of this is unreal to me.

His waiting told her she was seen and loved.

His waiting told her she mattered.

His to-do list, as lengthy as it was, did not deter Him from waiting for her.

I needed Him to wait for her.

His waiting tells me I’m seen too. His waiting tells me that everything that’s happened doesn’t change His love.

He waits for me. And He waits for you too.

And then, after their reunion, Jesus tasks Mary with a mission.

“Go and tell the others!” He says.

I used to miss the significance of this.

But I see it now - Jesus first appears to a woman with a broken past. And then He gives her a message.

He trusts her with the biggest, life changing truth of all time - “Jesus Lives!”

Can you even....!??

It really doesn’t matter what path we took to get to Jesus. As long as we get to Him.

He waits for us, because He loves us. Undeterred by our past - He waits.

And then He gives us a message because other people with pasts and broken roads need to know that there is nothing too broken for Him.

He Lives! He waits. And my life is changed because He loves.

Happy Easter ️

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