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Not Your Typical Valentine's Day Message

This isn't that typical LOVE message you might expect. Raise your hand if you have ever been ticked off at Valentines Day. Been there. If given the opportunity at certain times in my life, I would have run around with a petition against it. Ugh, Valentine's Day. Over it. That's not to say I have always struggled with it. It's ok to love Valentine's Day, for many people it's very special. But please don't stop reading if you're in a season of life that finds you hating February. In 2017, when my V-Day hate-on was in full swing, God redirected my focus - away from what I had lost, onto what I had always had - His unconditional, true Love. He reminded me that human love has human limitations. And while there are beautiful things in love, looking to another human to fulfill our love needs, will eventually leave us disappointed. Our hearts are created to be loved by Jesus. On that pivotal V-Day in 2017, God helped me remember that He offers the best example of unconditional love, and while I hated the commercialized celebration, I was more than grateful for His unfailing example of it in my life. What is unconditional love?

  • Unconditional Love is an action word. It's not a feeling. It keeps going and giving and moving.

  • Unconditional Love is a gruesome, sacrificial, dare I say painful way to care for someone. It requires recommitment, active forgiveness, and daily cheek turning.

  • Unconditional Love is a profound and powerful, way-making interpersonal experience that remains unchanged by the ebb and flow of real life.

God's active expression of unconditional love led Him to a gruesome sacrifice just to be with us. There is no more perfect example of love than this. And as we go about loving each other, not just this month but every month, may we be reminded to be fierce in our loving. And to be active, sacrificial, and committed to loving well those who God has given us. Blessings to you this month. ~Nicole

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